Announcing The DORN Headache Clinic

Written by Dell Dorn

Join the many people who have discovered a better solution for managing headaches with longer lasting effects. The DORN Headache Clinic offers immediate pain relief and lasting prevention for our patients. We treat most types of headaches with our leading headache experts and hands-on therapy. We are committed to relieving your pain.

Take the first step to live pain free from headaches.

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Dell Dorn

Dell Dorn is the founder of DORN Companies. He started DORN in 1998 to help employers save money on workers' compensation claims and reduce OSHA recordables. Today, DORN customers realize the immense cost of employee pain and the enormous impact our service has on employee morale and their bottom line.
Say Goodbye to employees' pain, high healthcare and workers' compensation claims and costs. Learn more

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