Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Our mission is to create, implement, and manage innovative healthcare solutions that empower individuals and organizations to improve and sustain optimal health, wellness, and quality of life.

Workplace wellness translates to measurable results for employers. We employ a practical mix of treatment and training that helps lower workers’ compensation claims and reduce OSHA recordables (see Employer Solutions).

Help your employees become engaged, correct bad habits, remove discomfort and reduce absenteeism with DORN.

Since 2000, our early intervention and prevention solutions have enhanced workplace health and wellness. With Total Worker Health, we help companies implement sustainable health and wellness programs that improve performance while lowering absenteeism and health insurance costs.

We saved
Over $50M
for employers
We helped
Two decades
in business
Our Team
40 locations
100 specialists

What Our Partners Are Saying

Our partnership with DORN has enhanced our health and wellness program and greatly impacted our workforce. They have been instrumental in promoting wellness and improving the lives of our workers while reducing total worker’s compensation claims and costs.

Logan Shaver Wellness and Benefits Administrator at Pinnacol Assurance

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