pm Ergonomics

DORN is now offering Ergonomic Services.


Our ergonomic service programs help employers establish a complete culture of wellness, beginning with education and training and culminating in a safe and productive work environment. We have seven certified ergonomists on board and an array of services, such as body mechanic observation, job analysis, and workstation assessment. Our programs combine detailed workplace analysis with personal employee engagement to uncover risk areas, encourage best practices, and reshape the work environment. The
result is better overall health among workers, a strong organizational wellness culture, and a better bottom line.

Ergonomics Program

Through detailed observation and a focus mitigating the causes of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), our ergonomics program delivers a road map toward a healthy workplace. Engaging directly with employees, we focus on risk areas like poor mechanics and movement as well as environmental factors to foster productivity and happiness among your workforce.


The ERGOLITE Risk Assessment brings wellness expertise and experience to your workplace through a careful observation of all elements of the organization, from specific job tasks to environmental factors.

Our ERGOLITE Risk Assessment is a high-level review of a job site or department, after which we provide guidance toward mitigating the most common workplace injuries, such as repetitive motion disorders (RMDs) and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

The more detailed ERGOLITE Site Overview Assessment provides a detailed evaluation of all departments by risk level, using internationally recognized ergonomic assessment techniques. Factoring in both physical and environmental risk sources, we deliver a comprehensive report and a custom roadmap for addressing potential injury and health risks in the workplace.

By observing an organization from a high level or working directly with departments, we can isolate risk areas mitigate the causes of injuries and pain that detract from productivity and damage your bottom line.

Quantitative Ergonomic Analysis of a Workstation or Department

This is a detailed ergonomic evaluation of a specific job function or department with specific recommendations made to improve the performance or reduce the risk of injury. This evaluation will include a job demand analysis, job safety analysis, ergonomic analysis and causation analysis. Each job or workstation could take 4 plus hours of detailed observation, measuring and evaluation. Photos and videos are requested to be taken during evaluation. The report will be given to location after onsite evaluation.

Ergonomics Benefits

A focus on ergonomics, with observation and correction by certified experts, yields a host of benefits for employers, including reduced chronic pain among workers and lower costs from worker’s compensation claims and health care treatments. Similarly, strong ergonomics practices can reduce the risk of injury and increase overall productivity. After identifying major risk areas and implementing training to address problematic habits, employers report fewer injuries from MSDs, a reduction in absenteeism and presenteeism, and an overall return on investment of over 600%. DORN programs look to Empower organizations and tier employees through a series of defined Engagement and Education exercises and solutions to achieve maximum outcomes.