Overexertion Injuries, Sprains, and Strains – How to Reduce Your Cost Burden

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Written by Dell Dorn

Overexertion injuries are some of the most costly work-related injuries in the US, costing businesses $13.79 billion in direct costs. Overexertion is the number one cause of disabling injury at work, and includes injuries related to repeated lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying, or throwing objects. These injuries occur when a person works beyond his or her physical capacity, affecting the person’s soft tissues negatively, sometimes leading to fatigue, low blood sugar, or dehydration.

Effects on Absenteeism & Productivity

High direct costs aren’t the only costs associated with overexertion injuries. These injuries can negatively affect co-worker morale, or reduce productivity throughput due to a work-related injury. Overexertion, sprains, and strains slow employees down and prevent them from being as efficient as they otherwise would be. Absenteeism is a common side effect along with presenteeism, being physically present but unable to perform at full capacity.

Effects on Workers’ Compensation Claims Costs

Sometimes the affects of an overexertion injury may not be immediately apparent. Many injured workers think the pain will go away on its own, then they take action days or weeks later, potentially resulting in a higher claim if the injury has worsened. There are prevention measures organizations can consider in order to drive down workers’ compensation costs resulting from overexertion injuries, sprains, and strains.

Injury Prevention From A Total Worker Health Perspective

By providing programs that promote Total Worker Health, organizations can improve employee wellness and morale, reduce medical plan costs, increase productivity, and reduce the frequency and severity of workers’ compensation claims. Make your workplace as safe as possible. Repetitive movement and overuse can result in pain, overexertion, sprain, and strain injuries. Sitting too long can lead to pain in the back, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands. Muscular pain at work can end up costing a lot, and it is best to minimize the discomfort your employees feel.

Fundamentals to Improving Employee Health and Safety

First and foremost, make your workplace as safe as possible. Be vigilant with proper training, tool and equipment use, and by maintaining good equipment condition. Perform an ergonomics assessment to make sure the workspace will not cause undue stress and lead to aches and pains.

Additionally, organizations can promote a culture of health and well-being by encouraging breaks, health awareness, incentives for health improvements, and providing resources to employees to address individual issues. Encourage your employees to report any discomfort, pain, or injury early.

Onsite muscular treatment therapy can provide immediate results, not only preventing an injury from occurring in the first place, but by intervening before an existing overexertion, sprain, or strain develops into associated workers’ comp and health care claims. DORN provides onsite deep tissue treatment therapy that is proven to reduce and eliminate muscular pain and injury associated with overexertion, sprains, and strains. Our specialists teach employees injury prevention stretching techniques, meaning employees are less likely to experience a reoccurrence of the pain or injury.

Overexertion, sprains, and strains have a major impact on companies and their employees, both in monetary costs and impacts to efficiency and morale. Striving for a proactive total worker health environment help you achieve lower rates of incidence, and reduce your overall costs associated with work-related injuries. Working continuously toward these common goals will positively impact your employees, productivity, and your bottom line.




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