Would you like to decrease the number of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) among your employees?

How about decreasing your workers’ compensation cases and non-occ-med healthcare visits?


Depending upon the industry, 30 to 50 percent of all workers’ compensation claims, clinical health care claims, and short-term disability claims come from soft-tissue injuries. Back pain is the most common cause for absenteeism.    

An example based on the National Safety Council’s cost formula for a single workers’ compensation soft-tissue claim calculates a direct cost of $20,000 with indirect costs of approaching and possibly exceeding $60,000. This factors in the costs for medication usage, lost work time, low productivity, and claims administration. For a company with a profit margin of 10%, it would take $660,000 of new revenue to offset this claim. With high deductibles for insurance, employers generally pay the first $50,000 of each workers’ compensation claim, so these costs stack on top of your premiums and affect your mod rate for future years. 

The DORN Integrated Service Model combines early symptom intervention, injury prevention, return-to-work, and cloud-based mobility conditioning and ergonomic technologies to treat and prevent MSDs and RSIs on-site.    



All DORN programming is designed to reduce costs by 70% or more as measured by:

Through 15- to 30-minute on-site hands-on therapy sessions, our Specialists provide targeted treatment for job-related aches and pains, helping improve soft tissue health and function while engaging directly with your workers. Our self-care training promotes staff wellness and assists with fatigue, stress management, and self-correction techniques. In addition, our suite of on-site therapies and one-on-one coaching services help workers deal with pain following an injury, minimizing the need for medication and keeping workers engaged and productive.


The results:

Two independent third-party studies conducted separately by a major university and municipality have demonstrated a decrease in employee presenteeism of up to 50%, yielding a 292% ROI based on gains in employee productivity.

Our experts and specialists are here to educate your workers on the best mobility practices to keep them limber, healthy, and safe from chronic pain or stress injuries.  We utilize employee fitness data to design innovative mobility techniques and in-person support for injured workers, with the goal of limiting time away from work and reducing the possibility of future injuries.  

Focused on relieving strain placed on muscles and joints from overexertion and poor movement habits, our technique training is based in the applied science of biomechanics and provides real-time coaching to help workers accomplish their tasks and minimize the risk of injury.

We can monitor every aspect of the work environment, from workflows and individual tasks to workstation design and a wide-angle review of the entire worksite.

Return-to-work solutions are custom-tailored to the specific needs of each worker to minimize the need for prescription medication after an injury and reduce the potential for presenteeism, fatigue, and extended absences. Techniques can be adapted to specific job tasks, providing rapid strengthening and retraining to return workers quickly and safely to their jobs. 

Our data from the last six months working closely with the safety team of a new client and utilizing a combination of the above solutions for workers who handle various weights and perform multiple unnatural body movements with an ergonomic injury rate of roughly 3%, show:

Currently companies are facing “the perfect storm” of an aging workforce, musculoskeletal disorders, and rising healthcare costs. MSDs produce a $20 billion annual cost to companies not counting the indirect costs. With the current labor shortage and musculoskeletal injuries being the third-leading cause of disability, what can companies do to face this challenge?

A combination of on-site solutions with our new technology and virtual offerings delivers a robust integrated approach that raises the bar in injury prevention. All solutions deliver immediate return-on-investment and can cut injury rates and associated costs by at least 50%-60% or more. 

Our goal is to Empower your employees through Education and Engagement—cutting OSHA recordables and costs from workers’ compensation and healthcare while reducing injuries and increasing productivity, morale, and overall employee engagement. 

Please let us know if you are looking to expand your services or complement your existing safety initiatives. You can reach your account manager at Jen@dorncompanies.com. Explore our solutions and gain control over your health and wellness program!