“What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

The Grateful Dead said it best, perfectly describing what we have all lived through the last 18 months. Unfortunately, we still have a way to go to get fully over the hump.

If the last 18 months have taught us anything, it’s the importance of the qualities of resilience, adaptability, and preparedness. All of you, our clients, have shown these qualities, and here at DORN, we too have had to reshape how we do business in supporting your employees with wellness-based injury prevention and ergonomic solutions. From social distancing to how we conduct our hands-on work, we have worked towards a record of zero incidents.

I am pleased to report that since March of 2020, not one incident of a DORN Provider transmitting COVID to an employee has been recorded. That is over 12,000 hours of service and nearly 40,000 sessions without an incident. We want to thank all of you for the precautions that you have put in place and for adhering to the protocols we have requested of you. We have all adapted and shown resilience through the right preparations. Our eBook on COVID preparedness provides a great overview of actions and processes to ensure readiness not only for COVID but for what might be coming next.

In addition, we have been busy looking for new ways we can support you and your employees, whether they’re on-site or working remotely. We have introduced Self-Care Plus, a suite of services that helps address wellness issues for WFH or remote workers.

For an overview of these services, please click here. We know that remote and hybrid work models are here to stay. Now, both safety and wellness directors have to incorporate programming that addresses pain, discomfort, and ergonomic support for all employees, no matter where they work. These solutions give your team the tools they need to be safe regardless of their environment.
These services and software solutions include:

Again, all of these solutions are meant to help bring DORN support wherever your employees are located. All of these solutions (except for the live training) can be accessed through a single login portal. This same portal will give workers access to our ergonomic assessment tool as well, which allows non-ergonomists to conduct an ergonomic assessment that factors in over 15 standard assessment tools from NIOSH, Liberty Mutual, and others.

We will continue to look for ways to support your organizations no matter where your employees are working. As you enter the 2022 budget season, we are available to work with your teams to identify how to expand the reach of DORN’s solutions to a greater audience through additional training programs and other on-site, virtual, and technology-based support.

Thank you for extending us the privilege of being your injury prevention partner!