DORN Introduces Technology-Based Safety Solutions

The 2nd quarter of 2019 has been busy for us so far as we continue to redefine how we can more fully support your injury prevention programs.

Today, I am pleased to announce three new tools that can help your teams more effectively prevent injuries. All three tools are subscription-based technology solutions offered in partnership with leading technology providers in the workplace safety realm. These solutions, which are aligned with our Body, Behavior, and Environment Total Employee Health and Wellness philosophy, are summarized below. The link will take you to a PDF that you can share with your team.

Bio-Ergo Wearables

From wrist-mounted fatigue monitors to work suits embedded with muscle energy sensors, our wearable solutions deliver nuanced data profiles on individuals and groups of workers, providing a holistic analysis of the trends, risks, and hazards that shape your workforce. Simple to implement and easy for workers to operate, DORN’s wearable technology helps you gain a deep understanding of the factors that contribute to injuries, pain, and fatigue at your worksite, allowing you to make the changes and investments necessary to minimize risk.


Predictive Safety Tools

Through advanced data collection with minimal employee disruption, we can help you identify fatigue risks and impairment among your workers before injuries occur. By isolating trends in worker performance and alertness, we build a detailed picture of the most at-risk workers at your site and highlight the times during each shift when the risk of fatigue impairment is highest. We help you utilize the data to make improvements to task requirements, shift scheduling, and workstation design.


Desktop Ergonomics

Workers in office settings are vulnerable to a host of injuries and conditions resulting from the unique stressors of their work environment. Our ergonomic self-evaluation and training technology can be implemented with virtually zero interruption to normal work procedures, helping employees self-identify and self-correct harmful postures and techniques that lead to repetitive strain injuries and musculoskeletal disorders.



As part of our goal to create educational opportunities around the latest ideas from industry leaders, we held two webinars over the last couple of months. I hope you had a chance to listen in. If not, please follow the links below to download each webinar and learn more about two timely and critical topics. 

Creating Industrial Athletes (IA): Learn from senior executives at PG&E and Cobalt Development about how an IA program can help condition your workforce to withstand the physical requirements of the job along with the environmental challenges they face. Click here to review the webinar.

If you wish to discuss creating an IA program for your employees, please contact us. To help with your decision, please review the program highlights.

Managing Fatigue in the Workplace: Following on the publication of our fatigue white paper last year, we brought together three thought leaders and researchers from NASA, the University at Buffalo, and Solaris Consulting, a leading fatigue consulting firm in Canada, to share their insight and advice on the best ways to manage and prevent worker fatigue. If you missed it, you can watch the webinar here.

We hope that your year has started strong. DORN is here as your injury prevention partner, and through our services, we aim to help you advance a culture of injury prevention for your organization, not just helping keep your employees injury-free but also making a significant, positive impact on your overall corporate health. We wish you a safe and enjoyable summer.

Live PainFree,
Kevin Lombardo