As the dog days of summer are upon us, many initiatives tend to slow down due to heat, vacations, and sometimes even a little fatigue. At DORN, we are invigorated by the passion we all have for the mission to help organizations create a PainFree and InjuryFree work environment.

Through June, with our deep tissue manual therapy service alone, we have conducted over 13,000 sessions, resulting in an overall pain level reduction of 74% – our highest level yet. This will translate into nearly 8,000 – 10,000 employees we will have seen this year, between therapy and our on-the-floor services. We have added 19 new customer sites through July and are now represented in 27 states and over 60 customer locations. We are extremely grateful to all of our customers who trust DORN to be a key component in their employee injury prevention initiatives. 

All of this expansion has inpsired us to avoid the summer slowdown and keep the process going. To that end, we’ve welcomed David Graeff to our team in the role of Director of Program Development and Solutions Implementation.

David brings a wealth of experience to DORN and will be responsible for defining the details around all programming, as well as defining training programs to help our Providers better support you. He will also be responsible for identifying the latest in technology solutions to help reach even a larger audience, including virtual solutions that we’re looking to introduce later this year or in Q1. Already a Certified Athletic Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist, David has also become a DORN Certified Industrial Ergonomic Evaluator and Instinctive Movement Specialist. With this background, he will be available for direct customer interface when needed on many of our programs. He is also developing an Industrial Athlete solution, technology solutions, and Return-to-Work strategies, an area of special expertise for him. Please see his first article in the DORN Newsletter on Transitional Return-to-Work. 

In addition, please enjoy the other content we have assembled for you this quarter. Kara Tefft, DORN’s Director of Operations, discusses a best program practice when scheduling employees to see DORN, explaining how early identification of employee pain as either work-related or work-affected helps track the impact of the program in avoiding OSHA recordability and costly injuries. This also lets your employees know that they are getting the best care they can possibly receive, even for discomfort caused by the job. Our statistics tell us that 97% of people who use DORN’s programs experience improved morale and feel much better about their organization as a caring entity.

Additionally, Kate DeMoss, our Clinical Lead, does a great job in exploring through the eyes of a Provider how many of our services can be integrated to support each other. The impact of spending 15 minutes with your employees over the course of 4-5 sessions can be tremendous, leading to pain reduction, better body mechanics, and the reduction or elimination of soft tissue injuries. 

As always, we appreciate your business as we strive every day to bring you services that will provide your employees with an injury-free environment, allowing them to maximize productivity and the organization’s full potential.

Live PainFree,

Kevin Lombardo