As we enter the holiday season, it is a good time to reflect on the past year, recalling both accomplishments and areas in which we can continue to grow. At DORN, it’s no different.

The first reflection I have is for all our wonderful partners, both clients and providers. I wish to thank all our customers and our independent PainFree Specialists, who helped us reach another milestone of growth. We are finishing 2018 having achieved, over the last three years, an average annual growth rate of over 35%. This growth has come from both new clients as well as the expansion of service offerings with many current clients. The expansion of our service offerings has allowed us to ensure our clients have a safe workforce and work environment. Be it bio-mechanics training, ErgoAware classes (Ergonomics 101 for front-line employees), Post-Offer Testing, or on-the-floor coaching, we have solutions that address the challenges in safety and injury prevention. This past year, we introduced technology-based ergonomic solutions, including wearables and desktop self-assessments, that streamline and improve the cost effectiveness of ergonomic analysis of roles and job tasks. All of these services, when combined with manual therapy, elevate your safety culture and ensure a healthy and safe workforce, with ROIs exceeding 500% annually.

My second reflection is that the worlds of safety and wellness keep moving toward each other. When I look at the programming we offer and see the reduction of injuries and workers’ compensation claims along with non-occupational healthcare claims, I am thrilled that more and more organizations are realizing the benefits of an approach that utilizes NIOSH Total Worker Health® strategies. When artificial silos are broken down and the various parts of an organization work together on behalf of all employees, great things begin to happen. Cultural changes occur more quickly. Healthier workers relate directly to lower costs and absenteeism, as well as higher productivity and stronger overall employee morale.

Lastly, as we look towards next year, we continue to look to support your efforts in creative and innovative ways. Many new and exciting ideas are already on the drawing board. As we perfect these services and products, we will look at how to integrate them into our already successful programs. In addition, we are looking forward to a deeper interaction with you and your team through our Periodic Business Reviews, engagement at conferences, and delivery of more educational materials via webinars, podcasts, and other vehicles. Innovation is not left to the product or service side alone. Internally, we are increasing our investment in our people through enhancement and expansion of DORN’s Provider Development Program. Our rigorous and structured approach is geared at recruiting and training the best the industry has to offer. In the article “DORN’s Focus is Talent Acquisition,” we discuss our approach to ensuring the highest quality Service Provider is there to support you. In 2019, many new training programs will be introduced, as well as new technology, to help our expanding team of providers continue to deliver at or above expectations. One such innovation is the formation of a Provider Council to launch in January, which will be made of 5-6 people from the field who deliver our services. They will advise us on how to make their jobs more efficient, so that we can make the results more effective for you and your employees.

Our goal over the last 20 years has always remained the same: Delivering Innovation in Safety and Wellness. How we get there will continue to evolve. As we look forward to a new year with new beginnings, on behalf of the entire DORN team, I wish each of you, your family and your employees a healthy, safe, and joyous holiday season and a successful New Year.

Live PainFree,
Kevin Lombardo