DENVER, COLORADO — DORN Companies, a leading provider of workplace injury prevention, ergonomics, pain relief, technology, and live virtual solutions announces a refreshed brand identity that includes a newly redesigned website and an original portfolio of visual and brand assets reflecting the company’s evolution as a global leader in holistic workplace wellness and safety. The new brand and website showcase DORN’s commitment to injury prevention reimagined: offering clients highly adaptable, scalable injury prevention solutions with a growing emphasis on mental health, wellness, and technology-based programming.

For 25 years, DORN Companies has connected employers and their workforces with cutting-edge workplace safety solutions. With a holistic service model that addresses every facet of the worker’s experience, DORN has evolved from a provider of traditional services such as ergonomic assessments, on-site coaching, and pain-relief therapy into a leading innovator of safety programs for a changing world, developing solutions based in the NIOSH Total Worker Health™ approach that encompass every step of the injury prevention process for more than 120,000 workers over its history and over 20,000 people annually. 

Today, DORN’s global offerings include the ability to support clients in more than 50 countries around the globe, based in an integrated service model that boasts programming across six central tenets: Ergonomic Risk, Infectious Disease Prevention, Environmental Risk, Mental Health and Wellness Support, Safety Technology, and Regulatory Compliance, all in support of driving to zero incidents and corporate sustainability. This reimagining of injury prevention comes at a time when employers need more safety support than ever; according to the National Safety Council, a worker in the United States is injured every seven seconds.

DORN’s proactive approach harnesses the latest developments in biomechanics, technology, wellness, and data analytics to ensure that workers are supported with end-to-end solutions that also deliver an impressive ROI of over 600% annually for client organizations. This figure reflects more than $150 million in total cost savings. With a target market value of up to $100 billion in workplace injuries, DORN aims to help companies and nearly a billion workers through the next decade of economic shifts, labor shortages, and an evolving, multigenerational workforce whose age composition will change rapidly in the coming years with a range of on-site and virtual solutions.

The DORN Companies brand refresh includes:

New Website: In a digital world, nothing matters more than a website that is informative and easy to use. The DORN Companies website has been completely overhauled from top to bottom, replacing the previous iteration with fresh navigation, new imagery, and a wealth of original content both promotional and educational. Already a publisher of world-class workplace safety case studies, white papers, podcasts, and ebooks, DORN’s new web property expands the company’s resources for safety professionals while also providing an updated, thorough rundown of available services and programming for clients, including new technology solutions such as motion capture, wearable sensors, fatigue identification, exercise apps, and ergonomic support for both desktop and industrial settings. With this new website, DORN aims to complement its premium, innovative service offerings with a digital ecosystem that reflects the company’s breadth and depth of capabilities.

New Logo: Featuring a new typeface, fresh colors, and an enticing slogan that encapsulates DORN’s mission, the new logo accurately represents DORN’s evolution as a leading innovator in the field of workplace safety, ergonomics, and injury prevention. The eye-shaped logo signifies a commitment to future-based thinking and advancing the field of workplace safety to the benefit of workers, employers, and providers alike. It simultaneously represents the ongoing search for opportunities to improve as well as the complementary nature of DORN’s service offerings, which aims to enhance the knowledge and engagement of partner organizations and their workers, empowering all to reach their full potential through the company’s expertise and insight developed over two decades of proven success. The logo also subtly represents the human tissues we work to protect and nurture with MSD and soft tissue injury prevention solutions.

New Branding Package: Fresh brand colors, fonts, and statements of purpose help differentiate DORN Companies from competitor organizations, identifying DORN as a true innovator unafraid to explore new territory alongside clients. 

The new website, logo, and brand assets will be officially unveiled at the 2024 ASSP Safety Conference in Denver, Colorado on August 7-9.


DORN is not just another ergonomics and injury prevention company. In a rapidly evolving landscape that includes changes in the nature of work and shifts in the global economy at large, DORN reimagines how organizations can protect their most valuable assets: their workers. Harnessing the power of data and cutting-edge technology, DORN aims to shepherd employers of all types with workforces of 10 to 100,000 into a changing world with personalized, tailored safety solutions that cater to the unique needs of each employee.