DORN is focused on delivering excellence in early intervention and preventative care.

Along with our commitment to tangible results, we are striving to enable easier access to data so that we can better quantify those results for our clients.  While quantifying results is important, providing solutions remains our primary goal. Through our hands-on therapy program, which addresses employee pain and discomfort, we see significant pain level improvements of up to 65 percent after just four to five 15-minute sessions. Through our robust intake software, we are able to capture important session information and transform that data into solutions focused on program sustainability and implementation of a Total Worker Wellness & Health approach.

DORN keeps an eye on the health of your workers, engaging with management when major issues begin to surface. For instance, we are able to draw correlations specific to departments, the most commonly affected parts of the body, and age or tenure to recommend solutions tailored directly to the areas of need. Through our suite of services, we can combine programs to maximize effectiveness and keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive.

We proactively engage our clients to deliver results and suggest solutions based on our observations at individual sites, understanding that different work environments have unique needs. We construct a roadmap and tailor a program with the goal of achieving overall preventative care. Deep tissue treatments are a key tool in our repertoire, addressing immediate needs and adding new techniques to target changing behaviors at the work site. The additive services create a longer term and sustainable cultural and behavior shift.

These solutions include the following:

Our customers are evolving and we’re evolving with them. We have focused and brought to market a suite of services as a one-stop shop, making our solutions customizable for our growing customer base. Our goal in 2019 is to engage more deeply with our customers to help them make informed decisions about the safety and health of their workforce. We are excited about this phase of growth and look forward to further discussing opportunities to address and alleviate injury risk.