Why massage? 

OSHA defines massage therapy as a first aid treatment, thus recognizing our hands-on therapy as non-recordable. DORN primarily uses massage therapists, never stepping over the line into OSHA recordable.  

The proprietary DORN PainFree Treatment techniques were developed by assembling several different sets of deep tissue modalities and taking the best tactics from each. Incorporating Pin and Stretch, Structural Integration, Deep Tissue, Rolfing, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point, we developed a comprehensive rapid treatment program for musculoskeletal disorders.

In general, during a treatment, a massage therapist will apply gentle to strong pressure to the muscles and joints of the body to ease pain and tension. Our PainFree Treatment is a form of deep pressure bodywork that addresses chronic pain, acute pain, headaches, repetitive motion injuries, and more.




DORN providers apply deep pressure with hands, knuckles, elbows, and forearm, engaging the employee/patient to move, yielding a Pin and Strip-type of release with as many passes on the tight tissue as needed to fix the problem. These can typically be accomplished in 4-6 sessions of 15 to 30 minutes. DORN’s structural integration modalities lengthen, stretch, and soften tissue to restore balance, remove restrictions, and restore range of motion, reducing the effort needed for movement.

DORN providers assess an employee from the time they walk in the door. How are they standing and moving? Where is their pain located, what is their range of motion? Which activities do they perform at work that contribute to their pain, and which activities at home? DORN providers are trained to recognize that the location of the pain may not be the actual source of the pain, and adjust treatments accordingly.

Our PainRelief Therapy treats employees who suffer injuries from painful musculoskeletal conditions of the neck, shoulders, hand and arm, lower back, legs, and feet in 30-minute sessions. Our PeakPerformance program of 15-minute sessions relieves employees of common aches, pains, and discomforts, enabling workers to be productive and stress-free at work. 

These are not chair massages; these are not relaxation massages; these are not feel-good massage treatments. The treatments are specifically designed to work on employees with their clothes on and directed to release the soft tissue in the area of concern treated. A treatment plan consists of a series of four to five sessions. This deep, directed form of bodywork has been our core service for the last 20 years. The length of treatment depends upon the invested pain and the risk of injury for each individual seen. The following chart shows when the various levels of treatment are most appropriate. 



We now integrate other services with our core base of PainFree™ treatments. We relieve pain and discomfort with our hands-on treatments, addressing the behaviors that contribute to the pain in the first place. This combination of focus on Body and Behavior, when married with an Environmental review to ensure safe working conditions, significantly reduces injury risk while warding off potential risks from fatigue. Our company mission is to provide integrated services to address all the issues that cause pain and ensure PainFree movement for all employees.