As DORN has continued to grow at an accelerated pace, we have focused on building our infrastructure and team to support that growth. Last year we added 5 new customer sites after adding 14 in 2016. Already through March 2018, we have added two sites and have proposals out to several prospects that should translate into new business over the next few months. In addition, as we communicated in the company newsletter in February, in 2017, we trained 50 new Providers on the DORN techniques which equaled the same number of newly trained folks in 2016. In 2018, we have already held three training sessions around the country. All this expansion creates a need to ensure we have the resources to execute at a high level of service with our customers while we support our Providers. To that end, I would like to announce the following organizational changes:

Kate DeMoss, DORN’s Western Regional Operations Manager will be taking on the added responsibility of Director of Recruiting and Training. This is a natural fit for Kate who trains new Providers for DORN and does other teaching of body movements within the martial arts community. Kate also works for DORN as an onsite Provider and is one of our Certified Industrial Ergonomic Evaluators.







Andi Rehr is joining DORN in the role of Clinical Support. In this role Andi will support Rainene and our field operations with development of the protocols for our various services such as companywide stretching, coaching and technique training. She will lead the development of our online training programs to better support field Specialists around all of our services. Andi brings to DORN more than 10 years of therapy work and has worked in the realm of Workers’ Compensation helping employees get back to work faster, like what we do with many of our customers. Andi will be relocating to Denver in the coming months but has started with DORN while she wraps up her affairs in Philadelphia Departure.

I’m sad to announce that Carolyn Lecciso has decided to move on from her role as Account Manager. She has contributed a lot to the success of DORN in the last 3 years including the development of the Account Management function and standing up our Wellness CMS system. I would like to acknowledge her efforts and thank her for her commitment and dedication.

Please join me in welcoming Andi to DORN, congratulating Kate on her expanded role, and wishing Carolyn the best of success in future endeavors.