DORN and Kevin Lombardo are heading to Houston for the annual NSC Congress & Expo, October 22-24.

Kevin Lombardo, DORN Companies CEO, Kirsten Ross, Senior EHS Specialist at Tesla, and Mike Harnett, President at Solaris Fatigue Management, will share their experiences and lessons about Total Worker Wellness approach to employee health and safety on Monday, October 22.

NSC Expo Session 2018


More and more organizations are adopting the Total Worker Health Approach to employee wellness and safety. The results of the collaboration between wellness, safety and EHS are well-documented. But how does an organization make that cultural or practical shift happen with success and sustainability? Musculoskeletal disorders are one of the leading causes of lost-workday injuries and illness across industries. MSDs have a significant cost impact on organizations: $20 billion a year in workers’ comp costs, and more than $600 billion in health care and lost productivity costs – including the harmful impact of opioids. Addressing this through traditional safety initiatives will have has limited impact. This session will look at the organization from a more holistic approach that brings together all areas that can impact the outcomes of increased health, productivity and morale while lowering costs, reducing injuries and eliminating medication use.


When: Monday, October 22 @ 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Where: Room: 362B/E, Session Number: 27

To learn more about the panel, please visit NSC website.