For nearly 20 years as the country’s leading wellness-based pain management and injury prevention company, DORN has helped multinational manufacturing and service organizations, universities, and municipalities keep their employees out of the healthcare and workers’ compensation systems.

DORN initially launched hands-on therapy as a way to address the immediate needs of employers looking to see results in decreased incident rates, reduced claims, and increased productivity. However, over time, we realized that while we were addressing employee ailments, we weren’t necessarily providing solutions to avoid ailments altogether. It was this notion, conceived 3 years ago, that led us to develop an offering focused on an integrative approach toward Total Worker Health®We call this suite of services the BBE Model, a 360-degree approach based on aligning Body, Behavior, and Environment (BBE).  



The broad, flexible approach of the BBE Model consistently delivers improvements across all elements of the workplace. With demonstrated success in preventing musculoskeletal and other injuries and mitigating chronic pain, this versatile strategy boosts productivity from workers by promoting a culture of safety and education across all departments and work types. 

As reflected in the diagram, these services utilize an integrated approach to provide a holistic and sustainable program. 


At the center is DORN’s cornerstone therapy service, providing immediate relief and addressing employees’ pain.  While it is our most prominent service, it generally only affects about 20% of production floor employees. 

Coaching and Monitoring augments our therapy services with DORN providers who are granted access to the production floor, adding an additional layer of safety and ergonomic support. This is represented two-fold:

Coaching and Monitoring – Basic (represented in the dark blue):

Coaching and Monitoring – Premium (represented in the light blue):

Weekly coaching and monitoring services provide an integrated approach, funneling employees into therapy as well as providing consistent reinforcement of proper behaviors and identifying additional risks. These services combined offer a comprehensive and sustainable program. 

The outer ring addresses other services that provide continued support. These can be facilitated individually, combined together, or added to the core set of therapy and coaching/monitoring. Each category focuses on a deeper dive into client’s needs, and include ergonomic, educational, training, technology-driven or employee assessments (Both Post-Offer Employment Testing and Return to Work). DORN takes an approach aligned with Total Worker Health®, creating Industrial Athletes  for optimal performance. 

Collectively, we offer a well-rounded solution to address all facets of workplace wellness. Through our focus on empowering employees through education and engagement, DORN’s holistic solutions provide both immediate ROI and sustainable cultural change for long-term success. Call today for a consultation.


*Total Worker Health is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Participation by DORN Companies does not imply endorsement by HHS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.