Avoid-workplace-injuries-with-DORNUtilization of the DORN Hands-on Programming has an immediate impact on employee health and morale. As one part of the overall approach of Body, Behavior and Environment, the goal is both immediate impact and long-term sustainability. Through education and engagement, employees become advocates of their own wellness.

These proactive steps can be further imbedded and better sustained by partnering hands-on sessions with a coaching and monitoring service. Coaching and Monitoring is an on the floor weekly service that partners with on-site safety. DORN PainFree™ Specialists are accessible to employees while at their work stations, as this creates additional opportunity for engagement and a second set of eyes to support safety goals.


Coaching and Monitoring throughout the location provides:

Coaching and Monitoring creates and strengthens a partnership between the safety team, your wellness initiatives and the employee. Providing an onsite resource creates consistent participation and awareness in the workplace. This results in a safe and productive work environment. Increased incident avoidance increases overall cost savings. When Coaching and Monitoring is paired with Hands-on sessions, small issues remain small.


Environment-BBE-ModelCommon outcomes seen with this pairing are:

Check with your DORN PainFree™ Specialist or your account management rep to add Coaching and Monitoring to your service package today!