Here at DORN, we understand the importance of attracting top talent, as it is the key to delivering excellent customer service and helping our clients maximize our program benefits. These benefits ultimately lead to helping employees feel better, resulting in higher performance, increased morale, and lower overall costs.

During our recruiting and training process, we utilize seasoned DORN experts who facilitate our recruiting and training efforts. We fundamentally believe in building the foundation from the ground up ,and there is no better way than having employees who thoroughly understand and believe in the services we provide. During recruitment, we scout licensed therapists who offer a more versatile skillset suited to the array of advanced services we provide. We have had tremendous success in recruiting those who have backgrounds in physical therapy, martial arts, education, and sports training, as well as many who have advanced degrees.

We feel that individuals who have a desire to accomplish more than hands-on therapy tend to increase reliability, and commitment to our clients, yielding maximum program results. Once selected as potential candidates, individuals are then required to attend over 30 hours of hands-on technique training. This typically occurs over the course of two non-consecutive weekends. This is important for several reasons:

We have found this process beneficial in efficiently training candidates on DORN techniques, as well as expanding the network of Providers who can facilitate our services. If candidates are not selected to move forward in the process, they walk away with a system of techniques that further strengthen their own practice. We feel this offers a well-rounded approach to recruiting where all involved benefit from the training we offer. Our training is also CEU certified if individuals wish to select this option for a minimal additional cost.

Once candidates are selected to move forward in the process for hands-on therapy, they go through an additional 15-20 hours of operational onboarding over the course of the next six weeks. Before they begin servicing a client, they spend time learning about DORN and our culture, systems, and processes, along with the client they will service. In addition, we prepare them for their first day onsite, which includes understanding our scheduling system and the natural flow of a typical client session. We check in with our selected Providers on a consistent basis after they begin offering services as a way to provide support to ensure success.

As additional service opportunities arise, our Providers then accept the challenge of training on these product enhancements. They take time out of their lives and invest their resources to attend offsite training, whether it be biomechanics, ergonomics, post-offer employment testing, etc. Once trained and certified, we require continued virtual training, along with one-on-one coaching and mentoring from our top trainers to ensure the quality of the services they are providing through weekly touchpoints so they also feel connected to our organization.

We take a strategic approach to acquiring top talent to offer a robust suite of services. We believe in investing in our Providers’ development through training, coaching, and mentoring, to maximize their full potential and deliver a suite of services to yield performance results and overall client satisfaction. Our process is a defined six-month development approach followed by annual (or more often) updates thereafter to keep the people who see your employees well-informed, educated, and trained on the latest of what DORN has to offer, as well as industry enhancements. We fundamentally believe the basis of our business is the talent we attract, and we look forward to continuing with our existing clients and engaging in new opportunities.