As we enter the holiday season, there are many things to be thankful for, like the health and welfare of our families and the safety of our employees. At DORN, we have one other celebration we would like to share. This past October marked the 20th anniversary of DORN Companies, a milestone that we are proud to celebrate as we continue to expand our services and develop new ways to help enterprises keep their workers safe and healthy while cutting operational costs.

The past 20 years have been tremendously rewarding for everyone on the DORN team, and we are grateful to work with so many wonderful clients across the country to deliver cutting-edge safety and injury prevention solutions. That’s 20 years of working directly with employees on the job floor, helping to relieve pain in the moment while working toward better work techniques and ergonomic standards. Health and safety are ongoing projects, and our relationships with our clients provide us with a deeper understanding of the worker and the safety risks that can disrupt lives and hinder company performance. We’re thankful to the dozens of companies who have employed our solutions over the past two decades.

Throughout our history, we have engaged directly with over 100,000 employees across a wide range of industries and job types, from the factory floor to warehouses and offices. DORN has saved our partners $100 million in injury costs, workers’ comp claims, and lost productivity. We’ve created effective and innovative new solutions targeted at addressing difficult problems like fatigue, musculoskeletal disorders, and chronic pain, using a combination of hands-on therapy, site assessments, worker coaching, enhanced training, and technology. We’ve reduced worker pain levels by as much as 74%, improved morale across the board, and kept workers from needing prescription pain medication—all of which contribute to a healthier, safer, and more engaged workforce, one supported by an organization-wide culture of wellness.

The challenges of safety are always evolving, and technology-enhanced solutions have moved to the center of the field. DORN has embraced this new frontier with a comprehensive suite of technology solutions (read more here). In tandem with our on-site services, we now can support almost any employee with our virtual solutions. 

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished over these last 20 years, and we intend to keep working, keep improving, and keep helping companies and their employees feel, function, and live better.

Thank you for being part of the ride! 

On behalf of the entire DORN team, we wish all of you a healthy and safe holiday season and a truly successful New Year.