Our PainRelief and PeakPerformance Therapies treat employees who suffer musculoskeletal injuries, providing relief from common aches, pains, and discomforts while enabling them to be productive and stress-free at work. These hands-on treatments are specifically designed to work without employees having to remove any clothing, seeking to release the soft tissue in the area of concern, relieving pain and discomfort. A treatment plan consists of a series of four to five sessions lasting either 15 or 30 minutes. This deep, targeted form of bodywork has been our core service for the last 20 years.

Now, we also integrate other services into our core PainFree treatments. We address the behaviors that contribute to the pain in the first place. A focus on Body and Behaviors, combined with an Environmental review to ensure safe working conditions, reduces injury risk significantly while also warding off potential risks from fatigue. Our company goal is to provide integrated services that address all of the factors that cause pain and to ensure pain-free movement for all employees.

Coaching and monitoring support is one of these services. Its focus is to effect sustained change in behavior regarding body mechanics and attention to best practices. This service provides consistent and informed consultation with employees, providing education while encouraging them to self-monitor. Observations are taken in real time. Coaching provides a setting in which to frame safety as both a company and an employee concern. This team concept supports employees monitoring and mentoring one another. It also encourages open communication with managers, supervisors, or department heads as or before issues arise. 

Our Biomechanics Training service is based on spurring behavioral changes using the best science available from the fields of rehabilitation and elite sports performance as applied to industrial settings. This is a universal program designed to help all employees regardless of their work environment, from the cubicle to the warehouse. Biomechanics Training treats the underlying cause behind most occupational injuries: Unsafe behaviors, which contribute to significant numbers of occupational injuries. 

Pre-Shift Conditioning Biomechanics Exercises change behavior patterns, transitioning away from traditional stretch-and-flex programs that only stretch these commonly injured areas without addressing the real issue.

These exercises begin the process of restoring safe movement and assisting employees with their health concerns. The program is a simple and effective routine that only requires about five minutes per day to perform. Employees feel better and work more safely to avoid injuries, which in turn improves performance and resilience. This series of movements wakes up the nervous system and reinforces the functional movement patterns, effectively warming up the body and preparing it for safe task performance.

At several of our current sites, we are combining individualized biomechanics conditioning exercises and technique training with our coaching and monitoring service in conjunction with hands-on PainFreeTherapy to better resolve musculoskeletal issues. Therapy addresses the symptoms at the root cause and will allow employees to maintain a positive range of motion with a reduced risk of injury. Additional training in biomechanics minimizes overall injury risk even further. The key to achieving the best long-term results is to sustain that change with follow-ups over several weeks, ensuring that the change in body movement has stuck and providing additional support. All class participants receive continued guidance through onsite observation and correction. 

It is important to address proper movements and biomechanics as early as possible, potentially during new hire orientation. Additional follow-ups and other reinforcement tools may be employed to support and maintain behavioral changes.

The provider conducting the hands-on therapy program also reinforces the biomechanics training to reach a larger audience, identifying movement techniques that lead to the employee’s discomfort or pain.

Providers discuss and demonstrate proper ergonomics at the job station. During the initial treatment session, employees learn effective biomechanics conditioning exercises that can improve their movement at work and decrease their risk of injury. When performed correctly, this contributes to rapid amelioration of the employee’s discomfort and pain.

As you can see, our services are designed to improve your employees’ fitness for their jobs, reducing and preventing injuries, increasing morale and productivity, and decreasing the amount of force used in pushing, pulling, lifting, and manipulating objects. This leads to lower overall costs to the employer from musculoskeletal disorders, turnover, medical costs, absenteeism, and retraining. 

The results are remarkable. Pain levels drop by 65%, 75%, or even more; medication usage decreases by 44%; 33% experience improved sleep patterns and lower stress levels. All of these increase overall employee engagement, productivity, and morale while reducing injuries by 50%, 60%, or more in a short period of time.