National Safety Month, Week 3: Building a Safety Culture

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Written by Kevin Lombardo

It’s week three of National Safety Month, and here at the DORN blog, we’re focusing on building an organizational safety culture.

Creating a culture of wellness and safety in the workplace requires more effort than just hiring an ergonomist or publishing some safety training posters. It’s about providing resources and training to empower your employees to invest in their own safety and health both on the job and in their personal lives. Building that safety culture starts at the top, demanding dedication to whole-person wellness by executives and managers who can model wellness for their employees. It’s essential that leadership can demonstrate an equal commitment to wellness and safety while asking employees to participate in safety initiatives and wellness programs. 

Investment in a culture of safety has never been more important. As organizations continue to adjust their operations after the coronavirus outbreak that forced millions of workers to stay home, safety professionals will need a reliable framework of safety and wellness support options for employees. COVID-19’s disruptions to normal life—including sending millions of workers home for up to eight weeks—will have ripple effects on workplace safety. Employees returning to work are facing higher stress levels than before the outbreak, and many have worked from home without access to the reinforcement and relief normally offered through on-site safety programs For organizations that have invested in proactive strategies like enhanced training, wearable devices to track fatigue and physical stress, or soft tissue pain relief therapies, the resulting culture of wellness will act as a safety net against higher risks of injury and illness.

Building a safety culture at work is about giving employees what they need to take charge of their health and be mindful and proactive about their safety, starting with the example set by leadership. Below, we’ve compiled some helpful resources to get you started on tackling the obstacles between your organization and a positive safety environment.

Case Study: Accelerating Tesla’s Safety Culture

High-tech manufacturer Tesla has become famous for its forward-thinking product design and futurist ideology. They’re also innovating in workplace safety, establishing a still-growing safety program across its global network of factories, warehouses, sales outlets, and offices. Read about how Tesla has reinforced its safety culture in this case study. Click here to learn more.

Building a Culture of Whole-Person Wellness

Mark Pew, Sr. VP of Product Development and Marketing at Preferred Medical, shares his insight on the role of leadership in a positive safety culture on the DORN blog. Click here to learn more.

Addressing Workplace Safety through Body, Behavior, and Environment

Learn about DORN’s BBE model (Body, Behavior, Environment) of workplace safety and injury prevention, a holistic strategy that incorporates all facets of the worker’s experience on the job. Click here to learn more.

NASA Supervisor Safety Culture Checklist

When it comes to developing an effective organizational safety culture, who better to follow than NASA? Read the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s checklist to help supervisors foster wellness and self-motivated safety in workplaces. Click here to learn more.

Safety + Health Magazine: Key Metrics for Measuring your Safety Culture

It’s important to define accurate, reliable metrics that can help you gauge success as you work to build and strengthen your culture of safety. Read how you can interpret the data and select KPIs that faithfully represent the safety environment at your work sites. Click here to learn more.

Case Study from National Bedding Manufacturer

Learn how a major bedding and mattress manufacturer operating at 14 sites across the country developed a strong safety culture by investing in education and engagement with workers through on-site pain relief and ergonomic services. Click here to learn more.

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