Holiday Letter From DORN: Looking Ahead To The New Year

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Written by Dell Dorn

Dear Colleagues and Friends,


As we approach the end of 2015, there is much to be thankful for, starting with our many colleagues, be they clients, patients, partners, staff, or friends. Let’s all take a moment to breathe deeply and soak in the joy of the season as we renew ourselves for the year to come.

In thinking about the past year, I’m drawn not only to the big events and achievements, but also to the milestones that defined the year. Some of these accomplishments are public, such as walking across the podium at an event or receiving news of a hard-earned award shared around the country. Others took place away from the limelight and far from the crowds, but were just as meaningful.

As we look to the year ahead, the DORN Companies will continue to promote health and wellness, the central pillars of our mission as a company. We will continue to facilitate open dialogue and real progress on the issues that speak to our shared values as we strive to be a model for conservative care and quality of life. All of our progress in these and so many other areas will happen thanks to you.

It is an honor to support your work and to celebrate your achievements. I wish you a healthy, peaceful, and prosperous new year.




Dell Dorn


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