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Written by Kevin Lombardo

Kevin Lombardo, CEO of DORN Companies, is an innovator and thought leader in the worker’s compensation and employee health and safety spheres and specializes in helping organizations keep their workers safe and injury free. At the HSE Insight Summit in March 2018, Kevin met with some of the leading safety executives from more than 30 organizations. He brought his expertise to speak about chronic pain – its risk factors, its effects on the worker and the organization, and strategies toward a safer, healthier, PainFree™ workplace. Kevin illustrates how a holistic approach to pain prevention and employee wellness can lead to reduced injuries, increased productivity, and a stronger financial outlook across the organization. This is a topic that crosses many lines, from safety and wellness to risk management.

Chronic pain is a pervasive and costly problem, one that can draw millions each year from a company’s budget as it can lead to significant injuries if not addressed early. However, by adopting safety and wellness programs that empower workers to take charge of their health, organizations can create a significant boost to operational success. During his HSE keynote, Kevin discusses the essential elements of a strong employee-centric safety program, which includes analysis and solutions that address the worker’s Body, Behavior, and Environment. By engaging directly with employees, understanding the worker on an individual level, and applying modern ergonomic and safety practices, managers can vastly reduce the drain in manpower and financial resources that results from chronic pain, all while fostering a strong wellness and safety culture.

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Kevin Lombardo

CEO & President at DORN Companies
Kevin is Senior Executive and widely recognized thought leader in workers’ compensation and Total Worker Wellness with a focus on workplace injury prevention and on-site innovative therapy solutions.
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