DORN supports its customers and partners from consultation to implementation and long-lasting support–helping to create a culture of health at each workplace.

Dell Dorn

DORN is the brainchild of Dell Dorn. With over 30 years of successful experience, Dell provides industry thought leadership and as Chairman offers his guidance and advice to the Executive Team. Dell’s vision is to bring innovative solutions to the significant issue that muscular skeletal pain and discomfort is having on organizations’ costs and overall performance as well as their employees.
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Kevin Lombardo

President and CEO
Kevin leads the strategy development and expansion plans for the company and oversees DORN’s focus on developing innovative solutions, with an emphasis on mitigating future costs with result-oriented programs. Kevin is a widely-recognized thought leader with substantial experience in strategic planning, negotiating, structuring and conducting effective due diligence examinations for operational excellence in support of organizational scale, development of strategic partnerships, and client expansion. Having worked as CEO and a Senior Executive for many large organizations along with his significant experience in the healthcare space, Kevin’s unique perspective illuminates the critical intersections between talent, assets, and ideas — the dynamic formula that drives business performance.
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Rainene Miller

Vice President, Operations and Clinical Lead
Rainene has been with DORN for 15 years working in many capacities. As a Vice President, Operations and Clinical Lead she oversees all of DORN’s therapists to ensure the delivery of the highest level of quality care. She has significant experience as an on-site therapist and has a strong understanding of the needs of the employer, employee and therapist’s perspective. In her role, she marries those unique sets of needs to ensure all stakeholders are working together to maximize the benefits of the PainFree™programs. Rainene also attends the QBRs to address any treatment issues.
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Lynn Whitbeck

Vice President of Business Development
Lynn brings over 25 years as an alliance builder, corporate program oversight, and entrepreneurial sales and marketing experience. Practiced in the formation of strategic partnerships, she has expanded market share and generated sustainable revenue. Lynn is a skilled relationship builder, strategic thinker and successful sales and marketing leader.
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Lilly Ferrick

Business Development Director
Lilly leads new business development for DORN. She brings significant sales leadership and sales process development experience to DORN. Lilly's top strengths are in new business development with core competencies in lead generation, sales process, long sales cycles, closing strategies, and negotiations. Trained in two selling methodologies, she has an instinct to lead people to make decisions.

Carolyn Lecciso

Account Manager
With over 15 years of sales/account - relationship management roles, Carolyn oversees the account management function for DORN. In this role, she is the main point of contact for the local facility program owner to ensure they have all the needed communications materials, the program has onboarded smoothly, DORN is complying with all client requirements and address any needs the customer may have. She leads the weekly calls during the first month and many of our Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs).

Jeremy Cully

Director of Recruiting and Training
As Director of Recruitment and Training, Jeremy effectively leads a team of seasoned practitioners and talented recruiters in developing efficient training programs for DORN’s Corporate Wellness and Pain Management Programs. His decade long experience as a public speaker and educator, coupled with 6 years experience in the therapy field, provides him with invaluable resources for curriculum development, assessment, and quality instruction for DORN’s Practitioners to competently implement. As a seasoned public educator, Jeremy successfully enhances the recruiters’ soft skills, empowering each of them to utilize positive communication throughout the recruiting efforts allowing DORN to attract the most competent Providers who go through DORN’s 60 plus hours of proprietary training. Jeremy also manages the DORN CEU accreditation program for all new people who take the training.

Barbara Wagner

Business Manager

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