DORN is focused on delivering excellence in early intervention and injury prevention programs and services. We help clients across the country in reducing healthcare costs and workers’ compensation claims through therapy, ergonomics, training and an array of other wellness and technology-based services.

In addition to providing an expected high level of service, we understand the importance of quantifying results to our clients. In utilizing our state-of-the-art CRM software, our Providers can capture real-time results at the time they service employees. We can link session information and performance seamlessly which engages the Provider with the client allowing for a better overall experience.

Session data is analyzed, and the benefits are shared with you to justify program validity and tremendous cost savings. Trend analysis also allows for enhanced insight into day to day operations to address issues earlier and better protect your workforce.

For example: 

Pain Improvement: It all starts here. We can monitor a client through the process and adjust our delivery if our Provider is not seeing the progress they expect.  Being able to have a system to track cases through their life cycle and modify technique to yield results is crucial.

Age Ranges: Our system allows us to categorize demographic information by age groups to help design programs tailored to ailments that yield to certain age groups. This also will give you the input needed to evaluate how job tasks are designed to affect the best outcomes in productivity.

Occupation: Reporting can be segmented by occupation to better target programs that are pre-emptive in nature by department.

Area of concern: Progress can be tracked by area of concern or body part to understand what types of injuries are consistently treated and addressing body mechanic issues before they happen.

For example, we have seen that 75% of the issues this year are isolated around 5 body parts. When we see this data, our Providers will observe how the person or even department is operating while at work. At that point, we can counsel with you to define the right solution that changes the overall course of both hands-on treatment and empowering the employees to own their own self-care and safety.

Having this information as seen above (or combined via department, body part and even age group), allows us to work with you from an ergonomic and body mechanics perspective to drive the changes, especially in the affected areas. This could be helped by the development of a mobility or departmental stretching program or by individual or group training on proper body mechanics and just reinforcing the proper ways to leverage the body when lifting, pushing or pulling by being on the floor and coaching employees in real time.

DORN delivers a wide array of services to not only help treat issues as they arise but because of our ability to access information, help deliver programs that can address issues before they happen; Ultimately, providing a complete wellness program. To enhance your program, we ask for additional engagement with you on a periodic basis. Meeting with us, reviewing this information and discussing its meaning can help you make impactful decisions that you can implement, or we can support you on. It will also help to understand the return on your investment which averages between 250% and 600% annually. 

Our programs have always been customized on the front end. We are suggesting through the power of data that we tweak them periodically to gain even greater results.